A little something about us

Every day we have the same task to fulfill – to combine minimalism and sophistication into…a motorcycle! In order to meet this goal, we remove everything unnecessary, leaving a motorcycle with bare essentials. This allows us to pay great attention to what’s really important – aesthetic proportions, character, comfort.

We aspire to create a hassle-free motorcycle with finest parts and great looks for people who did not forget – or wants to remember – how to enjoy life.


Every Differs motorcycle is different, however, they all share modern looks – it’s because we prefer present-day over past. Furthermore, we love to craft– especially to shape metal! That is why we aim to make as many parts and details as we can with our own hands. Last but not least – we love what we do, so all the bikes we build are made with much care and attention.

Creating internationally, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Differs is run by a local motorcycle culture enthusiast Povilas. Although crafting redesigned motorcycles is his profession now, it has always been Povilas’ passion first.

For more details on our services, team, portfolio and so, please browse differsmoto.com, or simply come see us at the garage. Anytime!